Saturday, March 23, 2019
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Illustration of Donald Trump looking at his reflection of Nixon

Uncovering Trump’s watergate

Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein are perhaps America’s most famous pair of investigative reporters, not only because they were the subject of a 1976...
Illustration of a robot working on an automated system

Automation systems and the dangers they bring

The technological innovations and advancements of the future are regarded with both excitement and fear. Artificial intelligence and automation in both personal and professional...
Illustration of a student looking puzzled outside of HEB

The horrors of day to day student suffering

The spookiest part of day to day student life is the normalized hunger and financial suffering students are expected to endure as a part...
Illustration of John McCains profile in front the American flag

John McCain and American unity

Sen. John McCain delivered a speech after accepting the 2017 Liberty Medal. He spoke with truth and respect by expressing the powerful ideals every...
Illustration of a man giving a lot of money to a football player

Underachieving football programs should be cut like public schools

As Homecoming week is upon us, students and alumni who otherwise are completely unconcerned with Texas State football put on their most spirited performances...
Illustration of a man unplugging the monitor during a lecture

The reality of academic censorship reveals conservative’s hypocrisy

Alongside humanity, the ancient world was filled with a myriad of monsters. Great leviathans lurked beneath the great uncharted waters, and just outside of...
Illustration a man doing the Star Trek hand sign

Star Trek’s optimistic future in a pessimistic present

Space: The final frontier. These are the words first broadcast to American families in September 1966 on the soon to be revolutionary television program,...
Illustration of the connection between watching more Garfield movies and stopping natural disasters

The key to stopping natural disasters? Garfield movies.

The gods have spoken: natural disasters will ravage our world until we get another Garfield movie. Throughout 2017, we have been faced with the worst...
Illustration of a caduceus over the American flag

Healthcare is a right

For several decades, Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) has worked hard to overhaul our nation’s healthcare system. Recently, Sanders announced his new "Medicare for All"...
Illustration of the Iran flag with the shadow of Donald Trump's profile

Why the Iran Deal matters

Though the Iran deal has been out of the news, it has regained relevance under the Trump administration. The Iran deal refers to an...