Tuesday, October 23, 2018
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Illustration of a student holding onto club pamphlets

A campus with no Greek life

Last week, after yet another student death in a Greek-related incident, President Denise Trauth released a statement announcing the suspension of all Greek life...
Illustration of of Bobcats celebrating

Accountability of the individual

People like to think that being independent is the utmost important point of focus when it comes to achieving who they want to be...
Illustration of A Bobcat Handicap sign

Students deserve equal campus access

Ableism, the discrimination against people with disabilities, is tangled among the roots of our society. It is embedded in our language, which turns bodies into...
Illustration of someone handing out candy on Halloween and getting upset at a young girl dressed up as Moana

Political Correctness: where is the line drawn?

Lately, it appears that a person cannot say or do anything without being seen as politically incorrect, and it is a ridiculous notion. I...