Wednesday, February 20, 2019
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Illustration of Minister Louis Farrakhan

Lift the ban on Minister Louis Farrakhan

There is value in having diverse ideas and being open to unconventional rhetoric. However, media should push to reinstate authentic and constructive conversation into...
Illustration of a women walking down a red carpet

Hollywood vs the middle class

Celebrities today like to think they stand for something and are unique in their own way, but most follow the same routine and are...
Neoliberalism skeletons dancing around dropping money

The Lovecraftian Horror of Neoliberalism

Halloween is a time to celebrate the horrific. This holiday is a testament to the revelry that is inseparable from fear and an opportunity...
Illustration of the news channel discussing the Weinstein scandal

Hollywood: Convenience over justice

The recent continuation of sexual allegations against Harvey Weinstein is nothing new to Hollywood. If this is something actors and socialites has swept under...
Illustration of a handgun

Oppressed communities deserve the right to armed self-defense

In Brad Anderson’s "The Machinist", the insomnia-ridden protagonist experiences a series of increasingly violent paranoid delusions. At the end of the film, we learn...
Illustration of President Donald Trump shaking hands with the North Korean President in an infinity symbol over the two flags

Please, let Tillerson negotiate

Over the past few weeks, Secretary of State Rex Tillerson has been attempting to negotiate with the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea. Since a...
Illustration of a soldier holding a red flag

Institutional knowledge precludes passionate learning

Today, students are faced with a number of intimidating contradictions. To what degree can we follow our interests in a way that is economically...
Illustration of a man in blue sitting down and a man in red looking at his clipboard.

Don’t West Virginia my Texas

West Virginia is in crisis. The once proud and mighty United Mine Workers of America is now a shadow of itself, these days raging less...

Indiana Jones negatively portrays Nazis

Indiana Jones: professor, archaeologist, but American hero? Not even close. He betrays one of the most basic American ideologies: freedom of speech. This charlatan shuts...