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Student Government takes on third administration of academic year


Following former Student Government President Ruben Becerra Jr.’s Feb. 4 resignation, current Vice President Alison Castillo and Senate Pro Tempore Keely Freund will respectively take over as president and vice president.

Becerra’s resignation marked the third Student Government president in the last two years to leave office before their term ended. Caught in the wake of an academic year that already swallowed two presidents, Castillo and Freund are still transitioning into power. The sworn-in date is awaiting approval from Vice President of Student Affairs Joanne Smith.

“My goal is to clear up any confusion the Senate has had during the election period,” Castillo said. “We just want to clear things up among (the Senate) as we prepare for the Castillo-Freund presidency.”

Castillo and Freund, though not yet officially in office, have tentative plans for their term: creating an educational day for sexual health with resources for the student body and providing feminine products in on-campus bathrooms.

Personally, Freund wishes to increase cultural clarity among staff, students and faculty.

“I want to ensure the task force for the cultural climate here at Texas State is reacting appropriately when issues arise,” Freund said. “For example, last semester with the antisemitism pamphlets and flyers throughout campus, I don’t think the mass emails sent that said the same things over and over again, were appropriate.”

Student Government Senate meetings take place on Mondays at 7 p.m. in the LBJ Teaching Theater.


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