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Posey Road bridge removal leads to more I-35 traffic detours


Construction began Feb. 6 to demolish the Posey Road Bridge and reconstruct Posey Road to go under the Interstate 35 highway.

Texas Department of Transportation representative Diann Hodges said the construction is expected to be completed in late 2020. Until then, traffic along I-35 will be redirected with minimal lanes.

At the start of construction, frontage roads will become one-way south of Posey Road. Currently, frontage roads north of Posey Road are one-way.

Upon completion, Posey Road will have new intersections at the frontage roads including left and right turnarounds under I-35. Additionally, Centerpoint Road, Posey Road and FM 1102 ramps that are currently entrance ramps will be turned to exit ramps and exit ramps will be turned into entrance ramps.

Posey Road is not being taken down because of crashes, said Hodges, but it has served its purpose and needs to be removed.

“TX-DOT normally makes bridges higher and wider, but Posey Road is better suited under I-35,” said Hodges.

Once the bridge is removed, I-35 lanes will be reconstructed causing disruption to I-35 traffic. Hodges said traffic will be redirected to move along lanes that aren’t being worked on.

Hodges warns drivers to be aware of different driving patterns along I-35.

“This is an opportunity to make an improvement as the area grows. The county wanted to see this project done,” said Hodges.

Hays County Director of Transportation Jerry Borcherding was contacted, but unavailable to speak.


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