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Plunkett-Torpey calls for students to “Stand Up”


Editor’s Note: The Plunkett-Torpey campaign was unable to meet with The Star due to unforeseeable circumstances.

Presidential candidate Alex Plunkett and running mate Kelly Torpey claim to be running a clean campaign this year, saying students are left feeling betrayed by the lack of honesty and transparency within Student Government.

With slogan “Stand Up Students” and “Stand Up State”, Plunkett and Torpey plan to improve safety, transparency and positivity on campus.

The plan of action to see positivity and school spirit restored on campus includes working with the athletic department to increase a spirit of sportsmanship and excitement around sporting events.

The recent installment of cashless kiosks in student dining halls is a rising concern. In an effort to maintain transparency and respect, Plunkett and Torpey advocated against them to preserve student jobs and wages. Recently, they reported the cashless kiosks were eliminated in UAC, stating “it’s time to put people over profits.”

With similar concerns for students’ cashflow, the campaign also advocates Open educational resources– digital textbooks compiled with public domain resources.

Better lighting and more emergency call buttons are part of the plan to improve campus safety as well as installing more security cameras in the parking lots, proposing a parking app and better infrastructure. The campaign believes it’s more effective to work with the department instead of bombarding them with complaints.


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