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Four Square businesses hit in burglary

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Four San Marcos businesses were broken into early Monday morning, with investigators saying they could all be related. The Vault, Green Parrot, Zelick’s and Sunset Bowling Lanes were targeted and SMPD is still investigating.

According to Bomersbach’s statement, the suspect was “seen leaving in the passenger seat of a two-tone sedan with chrome rims, possibly a Chrysler 300 or Nissan Sentra.” It was not clarified if the driver was male or female.

The Vault was the initial break-in, according to security footage. SMPD Commander Kelly Bomersbach stated, “An unknown male used a crowbar to open the back door, entered, ran around and grabbed a cash drawer.”

SMPD was later called to Green Parrot at 12:22 p.m, where security footage showed a crowbar being used at 6 a.m. to break into the business and pry open registers.

Sunset Bowling Lanes’ alarms went off at 6:02 a.m. and there was damage done to the office door and desk drawers, but according to a manager, nothing was stolen.

Parking lot video shows “a 4-door car with a silver top and maroon bottom entering the parking lot shortly before the alarm call,” per Bomersbach’s statement.

The University Star will provide updates as they are made available.


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