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Faculty Senate discusses legislative funding and priorities

Faculty Senate met with President Denise Trauth Wednesday, Feb. 13 to discuss the university's funding priorities.
Photo by Malarie Ohrabka

Faculty Senate met with President Denise Trauth and Provost Gene Bourgeois Wednesday, Feb. 13 to receive a legislative update.

Trauth testified before Texas lawmakers in a hearing with the Senate Committee on Finance regarding the university’s funding priorities Tuesday, Feb. 12. Trauth will also testify before the Texas House of Representatives Thursday, Feb. 14.

At the Faculty Senate meeting, Trauth and Bourgeois discussed both the university’s legislative priorities and funding programs the university supports. Texas State legislative priorities include the Tuition Revenue Bond, Texas School Safety Center, the Center for Translational Health Research and the Advanced Law Enforcement Rapid Response Training.

The Tuition Revenue Bond would support the building of one new STEM building on the San Marcos campus and one new Health Professions building on the Round Rock campus. According to a document provided by Trauth, the two buildings would address roughly 25 percent of the university’s space deficit. The university will be requesting $125 million in legislative funding for the STEM Building and $75 million for the Health Professions Building.

In the same document, Texas State states its support in formula funding, the Core Research Support Fund, the Texas Research Incentive Program and the Toward EXcellence, Access and Success Grant Program.

Faculty Senate ended the meeting by discussing a possible celebration for the sixtieth year of Faculty Senate which began in 1959.


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