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The Nightmare Before Christmas ball, live music and holiday fun

AquaBrew hosted Halloween Before Christmas Ball with the San Marcos High School orchestra

The Nightmare Before Christmas Ball is an exciting night with orchestral music, half off Aquabrew burgers and raffle tickets, all for $10.

The event was hosted by the San Marcos High School orchestra, and took place at 6 p.m. Friday, Dec. 14, at AquaBrew brewery. The orchestra performed “Nightmare Before Christmas” music throughout the night.

Cohosting the event is Studio San Martian and Khuck Productions. Kelsey Huckabee and Rachel McCartney, owners of Studio San Martian, said they hoped the San Marcos community enjoyed themselves at the occasion.

“We had local performers who dressed up and performed as Jack and Sally and live orchestra music; it’s something we hope people come see,” Huckabee said. “We’ve done these types of events a few times, and we think they get better and better.”

The ball hosted several artists guests visited during the event. In “Nightmare Before Christmas” fashion, the orchestra handed out holiday stockings for guests to go around and “trick or treat” at the different vendors around the building.

“We’re hoping to have around one to two hundred visitors come to the event,” McCartney said.

Christopher Hanson, orchestra director, said the money raised from the event will go to being able to attend the National Orchestra Cup competition at the Lincoln Center in New York City.

“There are only 12 or 13 High School orchestras chosen to compete each year, so it’s a very prestigious competition,” Hanson said. “We have 50 students attending the competition. We’re trying to raise $20,000 to help fund our airfare.”

Their trip, which will take place March 7 to 10, takes the performers across New York City for four days. They will get the chance to attend a broadway show, visit Central Park and Chinatown.

The money being raised will help fund the $400 plane tickets for each student.

“We’ve worked with Studio San Martian and AquaBrew before,” Hanson said. “This is something we thought the students and community would enjoy.”

The ball gave everyone a chance to enjoy live orchestral music and holiday cheer while arguing with friends about whether The Nightmare Before Christmas is a Halloween or Christmas movie.


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