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Student Government creates Student Leadership Roundtable

Adrian Cooper speaking at Sep. 10 Student Government meeting.
Adrian Cooper speaking at Sep. 10 Student Government meeting. Photo by Jaden Edison

Student Government created a Student Leadership Roundtable and a Fraternity and Sorority Life philanthropy week Nov. 5 at the weekly meeting.

The Senate passed a bill to create a Student Leadership Roundtable, which aims to bring leaders from student organizations to engage in an event that encourages dialogue between leaders on campus.

Student Government also passed a resolution to establish a partnership with Fraternity and Sorority Life to host a campus-wide philanthropy week in spring 2019. Specifically, the week will allow fraternities and sororities to compete to raise money. The author of the piece, Sen. Adrian Cooper, said he hopes to eventually incorporate student organizations into the events as well.

At the meeting, Student Government read a resolution encouraging Texas state administration to always have an on-campus polling station during runoff elections. The resolution will also ensure run-off elections happen prior to the spring and fall final exam week. The resolution will be voted on next week.

Additionally, Student Government has began adding agendas to its website. The Senate, Graduate House and Freshman Council agendas will now be posted on the newly finished Student Government website every week. Legislation read or passed will also be located on the website, along with meeting dates and times for all Student Government meetings.

Student Government meetings are held every Monday at 7 p.m. in the LBJ Teaching Theatre.


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