The new chief of justice and associate justices were sworn in at the Student Government meeting Nov. 12.
Photo by Kaiti Evans

With the semester nearing an end, Student Government senators have approved President Ruben Becerra Jr.’s cabinet picks for the five remaining seats.

Senators initially approved the picks at the Oct. 1 meeting and approved the remaining picks at the Nov. 12 meeting. The positions filled include:

  • Director of Programs: Alex Plunkett
  • Director of Government Affairs: Alexa Browning
  • Director of Student Services: Bodie Fry
  • Director of Freshman Leadership: Preston Nieves
  • Director of Diversity and Outreach: Nicolis Cantu

Plunkett is pursuing a degree in international business. He has been a Senator-at-Large since spring 2018 and the interim director of programs since fall 2018. Plunket is also involved with Rescue Her, an organization educating the public about sex trafficking.

Alex Plunkett

Browning is majoring in public administration with a minor in criminal justice. She currently serves as the president for the College Democrats of Texas State University after serving as the vice president last year. Browning was elected last semester as a senator.

Alexa Browning

Fry is pursuing a degree in construction science and management with a minor in business administration. He has been a Senator-at-Large since spring 2017 and the interim director of student services since fall 2018. Fry plans to graduate from Texas State in December.

Bodie Fry

Nieves is pursuing a degree in political science and is interested in civil liberties and foreign policy. Nieves is also involved with SOC, the Wisdom Factory and Pi Sigma Alpha.

Preston Nieves

Cantu is majoring in psychology with a dual minor in anthropology and honors studies. Cantu hopes to bridge the gap between the student body and Student Government.

Nicolis Cantu

The five will join Director of Finance Adrian Cooper and Director of Marketing Monnette Villarreal.

Adrian Cooper
Monnette Villarreal

Becerra said he feels relieved Student Government has filled the last cabinet member positions.

“I’m glad I got these people finally picked,” Becerra said. “I think its been a while since we’ve had [filled positions] because of the resignations and it’s really exciting.”

Becerra said the next step will be to organize the committees so they can begin working, but some cabinet members, including Aldermae, have already started.

“Right now, one of the things we are doing, we are writing legislation to make the bathrooms in the old dorms more ADA compliant for students with disabilities,” Aldermae said. “We also want to start a training program for impaired students.”

As for students, Morgan Ridgley, criminal justice law enforcement sophomore, said she hopes to see a positive change made in the coming weeks.

“I hope the new cabinet members bring a freshness to Student Government,” Ridgley said. “There has been too much going on and they need to dial it down and focus on what is important.”

According to the Student Government website, the Executive Branch of Student Government ensures bills passed by the House and Senate are executed and resolutions are sent to the appropriate university departments. They use their power as the heads of Student Government to work to see the legislation’s goals are accomplished.

The website also states the student body president is constitutionally required to nominate students to cabinet and courts within Student Government and appoint students to vacant seats on university committees while upholding and enforcing all rules in the Student Government Constitution and the Student Government Code.

For more information about the Student Government cabinet members, visit the student government website.


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