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White supremacist cards found on campus, university releases statement

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Update: Oct. 18, 3:27 p.m.

The Faculty Senate joined President Trauth in condemning the white supremacist cards found on campus, as stated in an email released Oct. 16.

“We embrace our diverse population of students, faculty, and staff, and we reject all efforts to marginalize or threaten anyone,” stated the email. “We encourage all faculty to join us in working to ensure that Texas State University remains an open, welcoming community.”


White supremacist business-sized cards were found on campus Oct. 11, according to an email release from President Trauth.

University Police is still considering this incident an open investigation and more information is not available at this time. If anyone has information regarding the incident, contact UPD at 512.245.2805.

Dating back to Nov. 9, 2016, Texas State has been targeted by white supremacists organizations that have posted flyers and hung banners throughout campus.

Trauth said the Council on Inclusive Excellence was established to address these issues and is led by Chief Diversity Officer Ameerah McBride. The council was created to evaluate and offer feedback on issues related to the university climate.

“Racism will not be tolerated at Texas State University,” Trauth stated. “Each time this has occurred, it has been deeply upsetting to our community. I have heard from students, faculty, and staff very moving and personal accounts of how disturbing it is when this material is found on campus.”

Students, faculty and staff can express concerns with the council by contacting Ameerah McBride or Scott Bowman at equityaccess@txstate.edu.


  1. And meanwhile the Young Conservatives are mocking our queer students with a bastardization of Coming Out Day, complete with their own “I’m Conservative” door. Really goes above and beyond in conveying that the conservatives on campus have zero sympathy for the LGBTQIA students that have to make the difficult, very personal life decision of whether or not to come out, often at the risk of being completely ostracised by their friends and loved ones.


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