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Student Government appoints final cabinet members, postpones Boreing-Becerra investigation

Student Government
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Student Government appointed four senators to Cabinet positions and voted to postpone the Boreing-Becerra election campaign investigation during the Oct. 1 Student Government meeting.

During the public forum, College Democrats members voiced concerns over how senators would vote on the Election and Integrity Committee Act, a legislative piece to create a committee to investigate election allegations against the Boreing-Becerra campaign. The constituents said it is important to have the investigation so students can stay informed.

The committee legislation was postponed due to an amendment proposed by Sen. Kelly Torpey to put a 30-day limit on the investigation and allow Vice President Alison Castillo to choose who stands on the committee. Both the amendment and the legislation will be voted on at the next meeting.

Four senators were appointed to Cabinet positions, including Director of Programs Alex Plunket, Director of Diversity and Outreach Diana Aldermae, Director of Government Affairs Alexa Browning and Director of Student Services Bodie Fry.

Matt Kinzler was hired by Texas State to serve as the immigration attorney in late August around the time school started. He’s worked as an immigration attorney for the past 15 years. During the meeting, Kinzler told Student Government and the audience

Though Kinzler’s official first day was Oct., he has already met with students. His office is not taking walk-ins at the moment, but students can make appointments by visiting 5-1.5 in the LBJ Student Center or calling 512.245.2370. Currently, Kinzler is booked until November.

Student Government meetings are held in the LBJ Teaching Theater every Monday at 7 p.m.



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