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New club investigates the paranormal

"Meet some of the officers of The Paranormal Investigators at Texas State University." (from left to right) Henry Glassford-Historian (he/him), Rae Glassford-President (she/her), Alex Moore-Vice President (they/them)
Photo By Ryan Torres

Disembodied voices, poltergeist activity and spooky folklore have brought a group of students together to share their love for the paranormal.

Paranormal Investigators is a new club on campus that welcomes students to share their thoughts and experiences about ghosts and ghouls. The club is open to anyone, skeptics and believers, who wish to share their different opinions on the topic.

Rae Glassford, English senior, is the president of Paranormal Investigators. She originally came up with the idea for the club through her own curiosity about the paranormal.

Glassford said she and her friends would explore San Marcos’ supposed haunted hot spots on and off campus. She realized they could form a club focusing on these haunted happenings. Three years later, she made the idea a reality.

“The overarching purpose of this club is to get people talking to each other about the possibilities of the paranormal,” Rae Glassford said.

Paranormal Investigators is giving students the chance to work hands-on with enthusiasts of the supernatural. This includes hosting excursions to local spooky areas such as The San Marcos Cemetery, the Sheraton Gunter Hotel, the San Antonio Mission Trail and the Menger Hotel.

Potential discussion topics the club expects to have include the psychology behind the supernatural and The Legend of Pike House: a San Marcos-related legend. Additionally, there will be discussions in Alkek 514, 7-8 p.m., every other Thursday.  During these meetings, people can come together and discuss their own experiences with ghosts and legends.

Other club events will include guest speakers that are involved in the paranormal world. Speakers like Reverend Sheryl T. Martin, renowned medium, will have the opportunity to explain how she goes about conducting paranormal investigations.

Skyler Davis, psychology senior, said club members hope to explore the different ways of researching the possibility of the paranormal.

“I want to use actual paranormal equipment to go look for ghosts,” Davis said.

Paranormal Investigators is planning possible fundraisers in The Quad. The funds would provide the club with necessary ghost-hunting tools such as EMF meters and EVP recorders.

Henry Glassford, communications design freshman, said he has an interest in the possibility of the paranormal. As a member of the club, he hopes to be influenced by the excursions and discussions that will take place during meetings.

“Personally, I’m a skeptic, but I’m very open to new experiences,” Henry Glassford said. “That is why I joined (the club) to hopefully not be a skeptic anymore.”

The club intends to spring further than the hallowed month of October and continue to meet throughout the full year.

Until further notice, the organization’s meetings will be held every other Thursday starting Sept. 27. Updates about the club can be found on its social media handles on Twitter and Instagram: @Ghoulgang_txst


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