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Becerra sworn in as new Student Government president as election allegations continue

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Vice President Ruben Becerra Jr. was sworn in as the new Student Government president Sept. 17 following former Student Government President Brooklyn Boreing’s resignation, while investigations into the Boreing-Becerra election campaign allegations continue.

At the Aug. 27 Student Government meeting, former Sen. Eli Miller alleged the Boreing-Becerra election campaign received unreported donations of $2800 and 25 iPads from Turning Point USA, a national conservative group that targets student elections across the nation. If the allegations are proven true, the campaign would be in violation of the Student Government’s Election Code.

Boreing’s resignation from her position as Student Government president, effective as of Sept. 14, moved Becerra from vice president to president. At the Sept. 10 Student Government meeting, Alison Castillo was voted as the Senate Pro-Tempore, which made her Becerra’s vice president Sept. 17 when Becerra swore in.

Sens. Gasponi and Nieves have authored forthcoming legislation that, if passed, will create a committee to investigate Becerra Jr., Vice President Alison Castillo and others involved in the Boreing-Becerra election campaign.

“I said my piece,” Becerra said. “If they want to investigate, they will have to talk to Brooklyn and other students. I feel fine about it. It’s really up to them.”

Gasponi said the investigation could be impacted by Boreing’s resignation and its integrity shouldn’t be lost among staff changes in Student Government.

“I think that Brooklyn stepping down was appropriate,” Gasponi said. “But I do think that it, unfortunately, took away from the investigation that needs to go on inside the Boreing-Becerra campaign. It is my hope that (Beccera) complies to the fullest extent and releases all email correspondence from his campaign and with Brooklyn and with any donors and especially with Turning Point USA.”

Becerra’s picks for cabinet positions won’t be announced until the end of September, as the applications are open until Sept. 19. Chief of Staff Matthew Gonzales said Student Government said the lack of applicants has created hardships in creating a prospective cabinet.

“I know the applications are really low and we are trying to get as many new students to apply as possible,” Gonzales said. “I think the number is low because of marketing and the students are just nervous, I guess, about the administration and all the resignations going on at the moment and throughout the summer. I feel like they are nervous to see if [we] are successful and whether or not they will get caught in a storm.”

Becerra said he plans to follow the same executive agenda created in Boreing’s presidency and does not see any changes being made in the future. The agenda primarily proposes greater transparency, accountability and diversity within Student Government.

“Over the summer Brooklyn and I created an executive agenda and we plan on keeping that,” Becerra said. “We want to fulfill our promises from the campaign.”

Student Government meets at 7 p.m. every Monday in the LBJ Student Center’s teaching theater.


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