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Phone scammer poses as San Marcos police officer

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Multiple San Marcos residents reported an imposter has been posing as a San Marcos police officer and asking for money to clear a fake arrest warrant.

The calls began Tuesday morning with the imposter falsely identifying himself as Officer Robert Duggin, badge number 486. The calls have been coming from 512-566-7496 and have consisted of the imposter claiming there is an arrest warrant for failure to appear for a jury summons in the court of Hays County Municipal Judge Elizabeth Walker.

The calls proceed to instruct residents to immediately purchase a prepaid visa card from a CVS pharmacy to pay to the court.

According to the City of San Marcos, the city will never call a customer seeking payment over the phone. Never give credit, debit, or gift card information over the phone to someone unfamiliar who asks you for this information. People who suspect they are dealing with a scammer should immediately hang up.

People who have given money to the scammer should call the San Marcos Police Department at 512-753-2108.


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