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Task force to review Student Government

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Dean of Students Margarita Arellano is creating a task force to review Student Government policies in response to a request by the sit-in

President Denise Trauth asked Arellano to create the task force and stated that it would be comprised of student, staff and faculty representatives.

“As president of the university I recognize that the controversy surrounding the impeachment of the student government president has resulted in a lack of confidence in student government,” stated Trauth.

Arellano said she believes this is not something that will happen overnight and that the review will take some time. The task force’s official review of Student Government would be completed no later than March 2019, near the end of the Boreing-Becerra administration.

“I think selected individuals should be decided in the summer,” Arellano said. “The task force should be announced and started in the fall semester, and the review should be conducted no later than March.” “If we want something good, I think we need to look at different aspects, so I think we need to take our time and do it well.”

Arellano said this review process has not been done in a long time and now, due to recent events, makes for a good time to give Student Government a thorough review.


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