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Sit-in protesters hold press conference

Students speak at press conference
Students Tafari Robertson, public relations senior, and Cassidy Wright, social work junior, spoke at the press conference during a sit-in at the LBJ student center April 13.

Photo by Sandra Sadek | Senior News Reporter

Students of the #TXSTSITIN protest held a press conference April 13 directed toward President Denise Trauth and said they are not going anywhere until the demands are met.

The sit-in started April 11 after Student Government failed to meet quorum for the joint session’s trial of Student Government President Connor Clegg.

The press conference served as the protesting body’s message to President Trauth, who students believe has yet to fulfill demands. The conference was led by Tafari Robertson, public relations senior and former PAAC president, and Cassidy Wright, social work junior.

Robertson and Wright said Trauth had until 5 p.m. April 13 to get back to protesters and schedule a meeting time, allowing for the discussions of the protesters’ demands.

“President, this is to you directly,” Robertson said. “You have until 5 p.m. to get in touch with us. We are prepared. You know where you can find us. We are interested in working with you so we can end this.”

Update April 14: After a three-hour negotiation, the sit-in ended at 11 p.m. after students demands were met by university administrators. Read the full story here.


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