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Breakfast Winner: Dos Gatos

Dos Gatos offers dozens of kolache style ranging from sweet to savory.
Dos Gatos offers dozens of kolache style ranging from sweet to savory.

Photo by Tyler Jackson | Multimedia Editor

The students of Texas State have spoken and one restaurant in San Marcos reigns supreme in the breakfast category: Dos Gatos Kolache Bakery.

The kolache bakery has been serving the people of San Marcos since opening in 2009 across the street from campus on N. LBJ Drive.

Dos Gatos offers a variety of Czech and Texas kolaches that include chorizo and cheese, vegetarian, apricot and strawberry flavors. The bakery also offers cinnamon rolls and a full coffee menu at the Wonder World location.

“I go to Dos Gatos for the kolaches,” said Kiera Jones, education sophomore. “My favorite Texas kolache is the jalapeno and cheese sausage kolache. My favorite Czech kolache is a tie between the strawberry and cherry. But, they are all really good.”

Although Dos Gatos is in two locations, one theme remains the same; the staff of both bakeries is friendly and welcoming when guests come through the door.

“The staff at Dos Gatos are really friendly,” Sharniece Scott, nursing freshman, said. “They always speak when I walk through the door and are super helpful when I have questions about certain products. I usually go to the location by campus since I live on campus.”

All in all, Dos Gatos has had an impact on the students with its food and hospitable staff members.

“I would definitely recommend people to go get a kolache from there,” Scott said. “It is the perfect way to start the day.”