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Boreing-Becerra sworn into office

President Trauth is swearing in Student Body President Brooklyn Boreing
President Trauth is swearing in Student Body President Brooklyn Boreing, April 19.

Photo by Sandra Sadek | Senior News Reporter

Student Government President Brooklyn Boreing and Vice President Ruben Becerra Jr. swore in April 19 at 3:30 p.m., replacing the Merritt-Loosmore administration.

President Denise Trauth gave an opening speech where she said she believes Boreing and Becerra will govern equally and fairly. Trauth proceeded to swear Boreing in as the new Student Government president, who in return swore Becerra in as Student Government vice president.

Following their oath, Boreing gave her inaugural speech, during which she said she has been called to lead the university during a “tumultuous time.”

“Division is rife, tensions are high and the dissatisfaction among our peers is not a concept lost on me,” Boreing said during her speech. “It is an issue I will address head-on with the same tenacity that I have worked to address other problems in the past.”

Boreing said the goals of the new administration include unifying the university and following through on passed legislation’s implementation.

“We will be doing a complete overhaul of Student Government,” Boreing said. “The expectations will significantly increase.”

Becerra said this moment was exciting and hopes this administration will bring everyone back together.

“Student Government is now more divisive than ever,” Becerra said. “We want to bridge that gap and help make everyone friends and colleagues again.”

Former Student Government President Jackie Merritt said she is confident that the Boreing-Becerra administration will restore the confidence of students in Student Government and ensure students’ voices are heard.

“This year was one for the books in many ways,” Merritt said. “I hope that students do still have faith in Student Government. Regardless of the events that happened this year, there are people that advocate and truly care about the hearts and the voices of those who maybe have lost faith in Student Government.”

Following the inaugural ceremony, a small reception was held for the guests on the third floor of the LBJ Student Center.

News reporter Brittlin Richardson contributed to this story.


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