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A sport club’s ambition

The San Marcos Bobcats club team allows University students to continue enjoying playing football in college.
The San Marcos Bobcats club team allows University students to continue enjoying playing football in college.

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As most collegiate football teams prepare in the spring for the upcoming fall, a Texas State club is currently in season.

The San Marcos Bobcats club football team is an organization within the university. The team was established in 2012 by co-founders Marco Regalado and Taylor Wild, and was the first university club football team in the state of Texas. The team’s sole purpose was to allow former football players to continue their passion for playing the sport. Wide receiver for the club’s football team, Ja’Ron Fells, said he is glad to continue playing the sport he loves.

“I was researching what sports the university had to offer since my eligibility was up (in college),” Fells said. “I ran across this club football team and have been having a blast since joining.”

The San Marcos Bobcats welcome student and non-student players. The team is a part of the Semi-Professional league known as Crossroad Amateur Football league. The San Marcos Bobcats are also the only team that is affiliated with a university.

The team has made the playoffs three times since starting in the spring of 2013. In 2016 the record was 6-4 and they were also the CRAFL north conference champions.

In the spring of 2017 the club did not play because of a short list of players and funds, but the team recruited many new players via social media and word of mouth around campus and within the community.

This 2018 season, the club has bounced back and is trying to reestablish its success in order to make it in the playoffs. Even with the season being halfway over, and having an overall record of 1-5, the club has plans to turn around and shock the league.

“We can definitely beat the teams we played already,” said Silvester White, wide receiver for the team. “If we get a full, committed team, I don’t think anyone can beat us.”

Head coach of the club football team, Jay McCool, said the team is doing well despite the current record.

“We are always a very athletic team and very competitive in our league,” McCool said. “We are coming into the halfway point of the season. We can win out and finish 6-4, and still make the playoffs, but our record does not reflect the amount of talent we have.”

Darius Donatto, the club football team’s president, said the team can get better in order to turn the season around.

“We’ve gotten to know each other, and I know each and every one of those guys will have my back,” Donatto said. “We can get better on both sides of the ball, defensively we need to press more in coverage and fly to the ball quicker, offensively we just need to be able to get into and stay in a rhythm.”

The team will continue pushing each other and hope for the best outcome during the upcoming games.

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