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The dawn of an evil empire

Two men with the United States Flag attached to their shirts looking over a man's laptop that has a Communist party's flag sticker on it
Illustration by Ericka Vervynckt | Staff Illustrator

Americans are bearing witness to the raise to an authoritarian regime in China that is threatening the United States sovereignty. From North Korea to a military build up to direct attacks on America. The evidence is all there Americans just need open their eyes to see the threat, allow this to be your awakening to our reckoning.

According to Aljiazeera, on February 23rd President Donald Trump announced new sanctions targeting Chinese business who continued exporting to North Korea, after previous sanctions aimed to stop resources from reaching the rouge nation. It was discovered that China continued to send goods to North Korea. This showcases China’s undermining of the US. The Chinese government owns 3 percent of business in China yet is responsible for 1/4 of all production in the country. The rest of the private business originating from China is mostly run by Communist party members according to the Epoch Times. China’s desire to supply oil and materials to launch ballistic missiles is just one instance of China trying to undermine America. China currently poses the greatest threat to America than any other enemy facing the Union. China is currently trying to make an empire that will rival America in size and resources.

According to the Money Control, over the last ten years China has increased their military spending by 54 percent, while America’s previous administration cut defense spending drastically. This increase in spending on China’s behalf can be seen in production and research of cutting edge technology ranging from artificial intelligence to weaponry. The Chinese are expected to make 400 ships by 2030, while the US will only be increasing ships to 350 according to the Hill. The investing in defense has also seen China create weapons with greater firepower than America possess. As outlined by Financial Times, the Chinese have made rail guns for battleships, these rail guns fire projectiles at a faster and further rate than any conventional cannon the US uses. These are scary developments for all Americans because our military is what gives us superior standing in the world, our Navy is what turned the tide of WWII against Japan in our favor. Yet now as the nation faces a new evil, secretary James Mattis said, “our military advantage eroded.”

Do not think this military buildup is for no reason, China has commenced a massive land grab that has put them at odds with multiple nations reported by Newsweek. From expanding into the disputed South Chinese Sea, to China trying to move the boarder with India which has led to confrontation between the two most populated nations. China is doing this while undermining and trying to gain influence in foreign countries. It has been revealed to the Americans during the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence Hearing that China is doing many sinister acts. From using Chinese tech businesses like Huawei for espionage to China sending spies to America‘s colleges disguised as students. In the hearing it was also said that China will also be looking to influence our election in the coming years. This is like what the New York Times has said about China already meddling in elections all around Asia, especially Taiwan.

But why should Americans care?

Because the United States is on a collision course for conflict with China. Fox News has reported that Secretary Mattis said, “We face growing threats from revisionist powers as different as China and Russia, nations that seek to create a world consistent with their authoritarian models.” China has even shown they are willing to fight us, they sent a diplomat to the White House who threatened military action if our ships docked in Taiwan according to the New York Times. Couple this information with what the President and other politicians have been saying, that after years of Obama’s military cuts, America does not have the ability to properly respond to threats.

China is the opposite America. They are an authoritarian government that denies people rights of: Life, Liberty and Pursuit of Happiness. China would suppress our people if they ever become superior in power. If we value our way of life, we must be willing to protect it at all costs against this empire of evil.

-Hunter Mabee is a philosophy senior