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Student government creates diversity commission, passes other legislation

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Student Government unanimously passed an act creating a diversity and outreach program, as well as other policies at the March 5 meeting.

Authored by Student Government Senator Kara Brookbank and President-Elect Brooklyn Boreing, the Cabinet Reconstruction Act created the Diversity and Outreach Commission which is dedicated to voice students’ concerns. Additionally, the act divides the current Programs and Marketing Commission into two different entities.

Student Goverment President Connor Clegg supported the act and Student Government Senator Elijah Miller was unanimously voted as the director of the diversity and outreach chair. The commission will be effective as of March 6.

A Simple Resolution Supporting Women in Government was also passed by a majority vote. In response to senators’ concerns, the favoring of unqualified women for governmental positions on the basis of their gender was noted as an issue to be addressed in the future.

A Resolution Promoting the ‘Free Volunteer Income Tax Assistance Program Offered to Students at Texas State University passed unanimously in response to students’ desire for assistance with taxes. The university currently has the Volunteer Income Tax Assistance program and the passed resolution will promote the program through an informational campaign.

The “Campus Carry Awareness Simple Resolution” was also passed this week. It will create an informational campaign to educate the university population about the legalities of guns on campus.

Additionally, in reference to the March 6 primary election, Student Goverment Vice President Jackie Merritt reminded senators of their duty to vote and advised senators to become deputized.