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Faculty Senate talks DACA, CDO and dean search

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The Faculty Senate discussed a proposed DACA resolution and the searches for a new dean of education and chief diversity officer, Feb. 28.

The Texas Council of Faculty Senates issued a resolution regarding DACA which President Denise Trauth, and other university presidents, signed. The resolution stated:

“The members of Texas Council of Faculty Senates remain committed to serve their students regardless of national origin. We recommend that all students in the United States of America under the provisions of Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) be provided a pathway to citizenship by legislation.”

As the search for a permanent chief diversity officer continues, Sen. Jesse Gainer expressed concerns about the heavy responsibilities attributed to the CDO, who is also the Title IX coordinator and the Director of the Equity and Access office. Other senators also voiced this concern.

“If the university valued any of these three things, there would be three positions specific to each issue,” Gainer said.

Sen. Elizabeth Bishop brought up issues with the Rising Star Grant during the meeting, arguing that the process has been “erratic” in recent years, with the amount of money offered steadily decreasing. Chairman Alex White agreed to look into the matter before presenting this issue to the President’s Academic Advisory Group.

The senate also approved of questions for the dean of education candidates, making sure to address shared governance and leadership. The first interview is scheduled for March 2.

Faculty Senate elections are to take place after spring break, with candidate lists circulating around in various colleges.