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Trauth sits in on Faculty Senate meeting

Faculty Senate’s first meeting of the academic semester
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President Denise Trauth and Provost Gene Bourgeois attended the Faculty Senate weekly meeting, Feb. 7, to discuss recent issues on campus.

Trauth and Bourgeois came to the meeting during the first hour and a half to hear out faculty opinions and views on the recent events that took place on campus, including the Texas Senate Committee on State Affairs, and the turnout at the most recent Student Government meeting.

Regarding the Texas Senate Committee, Trauth expressed that she is glad that Texas State was displayed positively, and that the hearing was successful.

She said it was “democracy in action.”

In light of a portion of the student body asking for the impeachment of Student Government President Connor Clegg, Trauth said that it was important to protect the constitution of the Student Government and respect the process outlined in the constitution because students will take care of the issue themselves.

Senators also took the chance to express concerns to the president and provost as well as, Ken Pierce, vice president for Information Technology, regarding the switch to a new learning management system instead of TRACS.

According to Pierce, the transition to a new learning management system will not be implemented until 2020 and will required a year and a half worth of experimentation beforehand.

During the second half of the meeting, senators took care of household tasks, including assigning senators to certain policies for review, and approving of new NCAA Faculty Representative, Vicki Brittain.