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Texas State ranked among worst colleges for free speech

10 Worst Colleges2018
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Texas State was listed among the 2018 top 10 worst colleges for free speech, according to a recent post by the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education.

FIRE is a nonpartisan, nonprofit organization dedicated to defending liberty, freedom of speech, due process, academic freedom, legal equality and freedom of conscience on America’s college campuses.

Harvard University, Drexel University and Fordham University are also on the list.

“The public deserves to know which colleges will defend free expression and which ones will go to seemingly any length to silence it,” FIRE Executive Director Robert Shibley stated on FIRE’s website. “This type of censorship makes for a sterile environment where lively debate and discussion can’t thrive.”

Texas State was placed on the list after recent events regarding the publication of the column “Your DNA is an Abomination,” when the administration claimed it was going to create a committee review to look over the editorial process, and Student Body President Connor Clegg threatened to defund the paper.

According to FIRE’s website, after sending a letter to the Texas State President Trauth to protest the actions taken against the paper, the response letter “contained factual inaccuracies and half-hearted deflections” which earned it its place on the list due to “contribution to a chill on expressive rights on campus.”


  1. As an alumni, I consider the derogatory article “Your DNA Is An Abomination” a better indicator that mature adult supervision is needed at The Star. The real-world that is off-campus is unrelenting, competitive, and international so you better toughen up and be prepared to contribute in working for a living, paying taxes, and providing for your families.

    • You are an idiot… if education were about propagating the status quo, remaining stuck in the same ideologies that produce your narrow minded, bootstrap commentary, there would be no reason to teach philosophy, art, or history… pushing society to think differently, to be better, is the purpose… freedom of expression, speech, and thought is alive and well at Texas State… to say otherwise is negate the work of us at the bottom of the ladder who support and labor on behalf of these incredible students.

      • I disagree. Simply because I am non-Partisan, been around the world to view different cultures a multitude of times, and actually have an open mind to things. I am completely unable to speak with most instructors on the “arts” and “literature” side of the campus because it is one regurgitated line after another all spewing the same message. If there is any questioning of this message, its “hate speech” or brushed under the rug as “Im senior to you” and then Im ignored.

        Its one thing to say we have free speech when the mass is chanting the same chant. But just like when gays were actually being persecuted, the majority party is not always right…

  2. Dear B,
    Your first sentence illustrates that only your speech is okay. Is that what passes for freedom of speech and thought on campus?

    Speaking of bootstraps and bottom of the ladder, my dad was a sharecropper, never finished HS, all 4 kids became college grads (plus 2 masters degrees). Me? I received my degree and military commission from here, have a six-figure job, and enjoy the concerts of my local orchestra immensely. FYI – my sister still plays the violin professionally, lol.

    Your comments have made me remember one of the most alarming statements made by my Journalism 101 professor in that it was okay to physically stand on any book, in particular the bible, no big deal in his eyes. I believe in challenging and thinking but one needs to have a sense of right and wrong versus outrage because someone is pouring an agenda into impressionable minds or if someone has attained something; automatically assuming they probably screwed someone over so I deserve to take it. What a sad and misdirected way to view life. Life is hard but there are so many joys that I am thankful to have and I wish you all the best in your future.

    Ps – two members of my extended family wrote for The Star and each graduated within the last 5 years. Bazinga!
    Pss – don’t assume so much next time.

    Okay, back to work!


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