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Shortstop looking to translate previous season success into final year

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Hitting a walk-off is always a baseball player’s dream. Hitting it against The University of Texas? That is something that senior infielder Luke Sherley, can cross off his bucket list.

“There’s nothing like playing in front of a crowd of people,” Sherley said. “It was pretty wild. My teammates and everyone else were pretty excited.”

Sherley is looking forward to his last season as a Bobcat.

“As a team we were really disappointed with last year. We were a regional team… and we didn’t perform like it, but we have used that as motivation,” Sherley said. “I have much bigger goals than what I achieved last year, and we as a team have really worked hard…. We are really excited for Feb. 16.”

Sherley has always loved baseball, and that love for the game is one of the many factors that help him do his best.

“My dad got me into baseball when I was seven,” Sherley said. “It’s been my passion since I first started playing.”

While thinking of his time at Texas State, Sherley credited the campus and coaching staff with convincing him to bring his talents to San Marcos.

“Well, coming out of high school, I wasn’t heavily recruited. I only had one D1 offer and that was from Texas State,” Sherley said. “The coaches gave me a chance and I was fired up. I came on the visit and committed. I fell in love with this place and I have never regretted it.”

“(The campus) sells itself when you walk through it…I was walking through it today, and there is no way there is another campus out there as pretty as ours,” Sherley said. “The people are so laid back, and I really like everyone I have met here. My teammates have been awesome.”

Head coach Ty Harrington has been memorable to Sherley, with Harrington always wanting get the best out of his players.

“Our coaches are player coaches, and they really do the best they can to bring out the best in us. They do everything they can to help you get better,” Sherley said. “Coach Harrington is really laid back but at the same time is a no B.S. kinda guy. He’s really allowed me to become the player I am today and pushed me, and we are really lucky to have the coaches we have.”

For Sherley, the best thing about playing for the Bobcats is playing shortstop.

“It’s in the middle of the field and it gets a lot of action,” Sherley said.

Sherley does not even think about stats when addressing his final season. His main concern is the team.

“I want to be more of a leader on days when things aren’t going my way,” Sherley said. “Help my teammates bring out the best in themselves, and enjoy my last season.”

Sherley hopes that his past experience will help him and his team stay focused this year. He wants to lead his team to more than just walk-off wins against in-state rivals this season.