Home News Nieves, Sears hope to split complacency among voters

Nieves, Sears hope to split complacency among voters

Nieves, Sears hope to split complacency among voters
Preston Nieves (left) and Christian Sears (right) are running for Student Goverment president and vice president

Photo by Jakob Rodriguez | Assistant News Editor

Presidential candidate Preston Nieves, political science sophomore, and running mate Christian Sears, political science junior, hope to win this year’s Student Government election with their alternative platform and policies.

Nieves wants to display his campaigns vision and try to get the attention of people who don’t normally keep up with Student Government.

“I really wanted to give people access to a physical ticket that had a unique platform,” Nieves said. “Ours consists of conservative characteristics, yet socially progressive; and has a huge emphasis on individual liberty.”

“The most efficient candidate should be “willing to talk to people and (be) open to thoughts, even if they don’t necessarily have the same input and views,” Nieves said

Sears believes his background in politics qualifies him for the position. As a student senator, he votes on legislation weekly and has created some of his own.

Nieves said his main goal is to improve efficiency. The duo aspires to do everything in a timely manner while still giving students the resources they need to succeed. They also plan to get rid of resources that are not utilized.

One of the duo’s initiatives involves the creation of a student ride-sharing service. The first piece of legislation regarding this initiative passed at Student Government’s weekly meeting last Monday night.

Their biggest ambition: bringing more schools to Texas State.

Sears said his big idea was to bring a law or even medical school to the university.

“I want to start the conversation, hopefully, start the paperwork, because it’s not going to happen in one or two years,” Sears said. “It will take time. We could be the administration that started that legacy.”

Students can vote from 7 a.m. Feb. 19 to 5 p.m. Feb. 22 at the Quad, LBJ Student Center, or online with a link sent through their university email. Winners will be announced Feb. 22.


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