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Football program builds team with 22 new signees

everett Withers, head football coach speaks to attenders during a press conference
Everett Withers, head football coach speaks to attenders during a press conference.

Photo by Region Kinden | Sports Contributor

The football team signed a total of 22 new players during the national signing period.

Everett Withers, head football coach, said he is not yet finished with recruiting, and that there are athletes who may be signed by the next season.

The Bobcats ended last season losing eight out of 10 games.

The team is working on its leadership during the offseason, hoping to turn the tables for the fall.

The team lost a strong group of seniors that made an impact on the team. Many were grateful to have their experience on the team, like Damian Williams, former senior quarterback.

“It was a great opportunity for me to be a leader,” Williams said. “To show the leadership skills that I’ve learned and preach to those guys the right thing to do on and off the field.”

Withers explained how the younger players, many with a year under their belt, will be able to show the new recruits what to expect and help guide them.

“We played 29 guys last year,” Withers said. “They were learning and getting it done. I think those guys that have been here a year now can come in and help the guys in the summer of 2018.”

Withers is hoping many of the new players coming in will be involved in the leadership role as well.

“Leadership isn’t about how many seniors you have,” Withers said. “We’re a young football team and leaders come from something within them to step up and take charge.”

The program got hold of some talented players from many positions such as the offensive lineman, who can also play on the defensive side.

Tyler Vitt, high school senior quarterback, is a recruit Withers pointed out to be special for his program and hopefully will be a part of the leadership role for the Bobcats.

A future kicker is another subject coach Withers talked about.

Withers said bringing in kicker Chris Kessler, from Longview, was important because he can kick the ball in certain places that will help on the Bobcats’ special teams unit.

The football program will be working to have a fresh look coming into the new season as the team rolls into spring practice.