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Election Board finds Boreing-Becerra campaign not guilty

The Election Board listens patiently as Brooklyn Boering gives her testimony at the public hearing, Feb. 16.

Photo by Tyler Jackson | Multimedia Editor

The Student Government Election Board held a hearing to determine whether or not the Boreing-Becerra campaign violated the Student Government election code on charges of bribery.

The election code violation complaint was filed by the Nieves-Sears campaign Feb. 14. The board ruled in favor of the defense, Boreing-Becerra and found them not guilty of any and all charges at 6:36 p.m. Friday, Feb. 16 in the LBJ Student Center.

The hearing began at 5 p.m. and lasted an hour and 36 minutes with a 10 minute recess. The election board spent the last 15 minutes of the hearing deliberating.

Taylor Brimer, election board chairman, said the Election Board operates and decides based on a preponderance of evidence.

“We didn’t see a preponderance of evidence that Brooklyn committed what she was accused of,” Brimer said.

Brimer said that the election code is clear about bribery.

“The election code says that a bribe is in exchange for a vote,” Brimer said.

Brooklyn Boreing, presidential candidate, said that she was relieved with the outcome, but said she was frustrated to go to trial after a week of issues revolving around the vandalization of her campaign signs.

“I would have rather spent the last two days working on things for my campaign instead of having to deal with yet another scandal and attack on my campaign,” Boreing said.

Brimer said a fully detailed opinion of the board will be submitted within the next 24 hours on the Student Government website that will have the entire decision detailed.

The Nieves-Sears campaign declined to comment on the events of the hearing.


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