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City Council passes CodeSMTX on first reading

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City Council voted 5-0 for the implementation of CodeSMTX, a development code update for construction in San Marcos that could affect businesses, neighborhoods and student housing development.

The council passed several proposals, including funding island beautification and maintenance on Craddock Ave.

The proposal to install standardized newspaper racks downtown was considered but did not reach a resolution. There were doubts expressed by several council members about the city’s responsibility in an event of hateful or offensive materials being placed in the city-owned racks. Council also briefly considered banning outdoor news racks downtown altogether, citing the decline in public dependence on physical newspapers but did not move forward with the idea.

CodeSMTX aims to update and modernize the current city development. The code focuses on the goals outlined in Vision San Marcos, a collection of values that the council aims to maintain for the future.

The new development code seeks to develop land in residential and river areas by promoting growth in other areas of town, particularly those that are easily accessible by foot, bike, transit and drive. The code also focuses on sustaining the city’s historic districts and clarifying it will make it easy to follow.

The council reviewed several revisions and amendments to the CodeSMTX plan and agreed to postpone the vote until the next city council meeting, Mar 6. Council members Prewitt and Derrick said they would vote yes on the final proposal and that it needed to be done soon.

Neighborhood Character Studies, the way by which the city will determine the best plan for development in individual neighborhoods, was a predominant concern moving forward. Council said that they would take into account the idea to include more neighborhood residents in the process of collecting data and formulating development plans in their areas at the next work session.


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