Home News Car hit by train early Saturday morning

Car hit by train early Saturday morning

Star file photo.

SMPD responded to an area of East Hopkins near the San Marcos Activity Center to investigate a collision between a train and a carĀ  at 5: 50 a.m. Saturday morning.

Ian Phillip Vaneau, 25 year-old-man, told officers that he was driving his vehicle down the tracks from CM Allen Parkway toward East Hopkins, until his vehicle became stuck.

Vaneau was unable to continue down the tracks and abandoned his vehicle prior to the vehicle being struck by the train.

According to the city of San Marcos’ press release, “The crossing was blocked until about 8:30 a.m. when crews finished clearing the debris and moving the train. While it was stopped, the train blocked East Hopkins, CM Allen Parkway, Guadalupe Street and LBJ Drive.”

Vaneau was arrested and charged with Criminal Trespassing at the scene.


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