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Boreing-Becerra campaign win Student Government election

Brooklyn Boreing, public relations junior, and Ruben Becerra, finance senior, launched their Student Government presidential campaign on Jan. 23.

Photo by Jakob Rodriguez | Assistant News Editor

Brooklyn Boreing and Ruben Becerra will be the next Student Government president and vice president for the 2018-19 school year.

As president and vice president of Student Government, Boreing and Becerra will be responsible for representing the students and their needs. As the executive branch of the organization, the pair will fill their cabinet and are tasked with upholding and enforcing legislation.

“I’m elated,” Boreing said. “I’m gratified. I just want to work toward helping all Bobcats.”

Boreing collected 52 percent of the vote for president. 7,142 votes were cast in total.

The Boreing-Becerra executive alliance said their goal is to increase transparency between the organization and the student body. Their campaign platform was made up of promises to increase safety on campus, implement a fall break, make Student Government more inclusive to minority students and to contribute solutions to mental health awareness and parking issues.

“I wasn’t expecting to run for office this year,” Becerra said. “To have won was just unbelievable.”

Becerra collected 51 percent of the vote for vice president.

Boreing and Becerra will take the place of the Clegg-Merritt executive alliance.

Collin Pruett, campaign manager for Boreing and Becerra said he believes his team won by a landslide vote.

“I’m very glad to give the moderate candidate, nonpolitical ticket the victory,” Pruett said.

Boreing and Becerra attended a trial in the Student Supreme Court after former candidates Preston Nieves and Christian Sears appealed the student election board’s not-guilty decision.

Nieves and Sears claim Boreing bribed Sears to drop out of the race.

Boreing was found not guilty, with a 5-2 vote, as a result of the Student Supreme Court’s decision which was announced minutes before the election results


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