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Humans of San Marcos: Natalie Park

Natalie Park has worked at Pie Society for two years, but is working on starting a business selling rocks and minerals.

Photo by Leeann Cardwell | Lifestyle Editorr

“I actually collect rocks and minerals, that’s what I do. I’ve been collecting for six years and I actually just started getting into cutting and polishing my own rocks. So I am kind of starting a business from that and I just started different pendants and shapes that I am cutting out. My dad was a Geologist, he always had rocks around the house and big amethyst cathedrals. I remember I was always in awe over all of the rocks and crystals that he had. The fact that they are created naturally through the earth processes with these crazy and amazing colors and different crystal structures is so cool. Not a lot of people know how crazy beautiful rocks and minerals can be, not just crystals and the healing aspect of it, but there is actual geo-science behind it that is crazy. The fact that you can chip through a big boulder and then come to an empty space and in that space there are just tons of crystals is amazing.”

Natalie Park


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