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Football signs 23 new players at National Signing Day

Head coach Everett Withers spoke at National Signing Day Feb. 7

Photo by Region Kinden | Sports Reporter

National Signing Day is a huge day for many high school athletes all over the country. It is a day where athletes commit to play a sport at the collegiate level, and the athlete will receive a full or partial scholarship to the university that they sign.

For the Texas State football team, it grabbed the attention of 23 athletes overall.

During Texas State’s National Signing Day Press Conference, head football coach Everett Withers, talked about his new upcoming group that has signed with his program. He explained how difficult it is to maintain as a top pick for the signees during this past off-season.

“We signed 18 kids in December,” Withers said. “It allowed us to really hone in on those guys. When you are at a group of five school you have to babysit the month of January…so we were able to sign 18 and hold them.”

Withers says he is possibly not finished with the recruiting just yet, and there are still some athletes that will probably be signed by next season.

One main athlete that stood out was Withers’ son, Pierce Withers. Withers explained how tough it was to persuade him to be a part of his program instead of choosing a different one. He feels that he is a special talent that will work well for his program.

Quarterback Tyler Vitt, was another among the recruits that Withers pointed out to be special for his program. He feels that Vitt could hopefully be a part of the leadership role for the Bobcats in the near future.


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