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Humans of San Marcos: David Ross

David Ross, shop mechanic, works on bikes in the The Hub to save for his travel destinations. Photo by Sonia Garcia | Lifestyle Reporter

“This year I’ve been to Santa Fe, New York, Tulum, Playa Del Carmen, and Enchanted Rock. I try to travel at least once a month to see something different. I save up and I can go to a destination and ride my bike so it’s pretty cheap in the end. If we want to do something during the day, we can be like ‘let’s go on a five hour bike ride,’ instead of shopping and blowing money for five hours. (Destinations) within 12 hours we drive and if not we fly. I want to go to Santa Fe again this year. It’s the coolest little town, there’s the largest organic open air market in the United States held every Saturday at 8 a.m. just south of the main plaza. In town the neighborhoods are on massive hills and they’re not paved it’s just gravel roads; the aesthetic of the town, stucco, cactus, and southwestern vibes are real there. I can see a future where I live in Santa Fe.”


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