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Junior guard shines through being honored and showing improvement

Toshua Levitt, moves the ball down the court during a game against UTSA
Texas State guard, junior Toshua Levitt, moves the ball down the court during a game against UTSA at the Strahan Coliseum.
Photo by Kirby Crumpler |Staff Photographer

Not only has one women’s basketball player been honored twice in the season, her teamwork mentality and effort are being noticed every time she steps on the court.

Toshua Leavitt, junior guard, has been playing basketball since the age of five. Once she reached high school, however, she dedicated her full time to the court.

“Basketball brought me the most excitement and I just always knew it was my favorite to play,” Leavitt said.

Before graduating high school, Leavitt knew she wanted to play basketball at the collegiate level and, after visiting, she felt like Texas State was the right fit for her.

“I liked the family atmosphere …,” Leavitt said. “All the coaches and teammates, they were just really nice and seemed like they really wanted me to be here.”

In her first year on the women’s team, Leavitt played in 30 games and scored an average of 5.2 points per game. Leavitt did not stop there and focused on improving for the following season.

During her second year, Leavitt’s average points per game increased to 10.1 while she started in 23 games. It was in three-point shots where Leavitt shined as she ranked 65th overall in the NCAA with 77 three-point shots.

Coming into her third season as a Bobcat, Leavitt wanted to do better. She earned the title of Sun Belt Conference Player of the Week during the season’s game against Texas Southern and Fresno State. She also earned the honor of SBC Player of the Week for the second time after a successful win against Troy.

“It’s a blessing for sure,” Leavitt said. “It’s a way to show off the hard work that I’ve put in. I just work hard in the offseason and preseason and after practice, I just try to … work on my game so I can just continue to be better.”

Leavitt also wants to better the team.

“I want our team to be good and … to keep winning,” Leavitt said. “I know that if I just give up or say that I’m good enough then it’s not going to be good … for our team.”

Already having a couple of years on the team under her belt, Leavitt hopes she can be a good teammate and role model for other players.

“I just have to focus on not getting down or frustrated, and keeping my emotions low,” Leavitt said. “I’m always just cheering for my team and hyping everyone up.”

Much of Leavitt’s inspiration and continual motivation on the court comes from a small reminder that she leaves on her wrist every game that makes an impact.

“The best piece of advice I got was from coach Paige Love,” Leavitt said. “I always write ‘NP’ on my wrist before every game and it just helps me … not get down on myself or the team. When I go through adversity … I look at my wrist and think ‘next play’.”

Leavitt will have just one more season left after this one, which will be another opportunity for growth on the basketball court.