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Humans of San Marcos: JaVaun Butler

Humans of San Marcos: JaVaun Butler
Photo by Katie Burrell | News Editor

“Growing up my grandma and mom always told me ‘you’re not better than anybody and you’re just as good as everybody. Nobody is better than you. You’re not better than anybody. Everyone is on the same playing field.’ But, coming here and looking around in some classes and you’re like one of five (students of color) or one of two. In one of my classes this semester everyone else is of Caucasian ethnicity and it is only I and a coworker of mine (who are not). That whole fear thing tried to come back, I didn’t think I was strong enough for that. I thought that my opportunities would be limited but I’ve started paying attention to other successful black people, and I feel more confident now.”

-JaVaun Butler, Theatre sophomore


  1. I am going to be real with you, a lot of those issues stem from choice.
    I too grew up in a community, not lacking of other black kids, but there was a majority of white teachers at my school.
    The main issue is within our own communities, we need to work to build our communities, stop putting eachother down, stop playing victim and start taking responsibility for our own actions.
    I grew up in a very similar situation from other kids in my school, low income family, single mother etc. time where you’d be lucky if you could have a ketchup sandwich.
    Unlike other kids, i did not listen to their peer pressure to seem cool, they wanted to pick on me for “acting white” and doing good in school!
    I’m sorry, but many of the problems that face the black comminity today is our own fault!

    There is no need to be surrounded by people who look like you, to be educated by people who look like you. Yes, it can send a good model as proof that you can too achieve. But requiring others to look like you, only shows your own intolerance.

    Yea, I had a majority of white teachers, I listened to them and did what was expected of me, i studied and did my homework. While most other black kids were busy fighing, playing games, and getting into trouble; then as we got older meddeling in drugs.

    Now, here at TXState, I am proud of the actual diversity here. It is full of Whites, Latinos, and Blacks… it leaves more to be said for Asians, and Middle Eastern people, but it more than represents the ethnic make up of America. Being 70% white followed by Black, and Latino and small populations of Asians and Middle Easterns.
    However, even with all that, it is not required.

    It all comes down to choices. I dont want someone in a postion because of their color, I want them there because they are deserving of it reguardless of color.

    Those kids I went to school with, many of them are in jail, drunks, or hooked on drugs. All because of choices they made, usually to impress idiots. then they want to scream and cry.

    It is time we as a community started cleaning up all that mess and making something of ourselves.

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