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Associate justices, legislation approved at Student Goverment’s second meeting

Student senators listen during the president's report.
Photo by Jakob Rodriguez | Assistant News Editor

Three pieces were passed unanimously during Student Government’s second meeting of the semester.

The first, the “Rides for Cats Authorization Act,” was defined as an attempt for Texas State to partner with a ride-sharing company.

The program would offer a ride-sharing service for Texas State students through an official university partnership. The service gives students the ability to share transportation costs. This piece of legislation is the first step in establishing the program. The act was amended to not specifically name a company.

The second, the “Resolution to reduce the cost of in classroom resources,” aims to lower the auxiliary cost of education.

Student Government hopes to cut down the use of various in-class resources in an effort to save students money. An objection was raised over the semantics but the piece was passed.

The final piece passed was deemed an emergency item at the beginning of the meeting. The resolution allowed a vote over the president’s nominees for the position of associate justice of the Supreme Court.

The piece affirmed nominees Mason McKie, political science senior, and Samantha Martinez, political science senior and former student body vice president, to the position of associate justice of Student Government’s Supreme Court.

Though the meeting produced results, student body President Connor Clegg took time during the report to remind the senate that they have a duty to serve its constituents. Clegg was referring to a lack of legislation submissions by the senate.


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