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Letter to the Editor: Response to “Your DNA is an abomination”


One Person Does Not Speak for Us All

Recently the University Star published an opinion column whose sole purpose was to be “edgy” and “savage” but it only proved to be divisive and disgusting to say the least. We, as a community, have a right to be outraged when racism in any form rears its head from the gutter it so rightfully belongs in. How ironic that DNA is mentioned in a previous article by a “writer” Rudy Martinez, who is against “proto-fascists”; does he forget how Eugenics played a role to drive a false belief of racial superiority in the first half of the 20th century? No one should be shamed for who or what they are. Racism is something our most notable alumnus President Lyndon Banes Johnson fought against. Another irony is that of Johnson having once been the Editor of the newspaper that is now the University Star.

The publication of the racist opinion piece by Martinez should not be compared to the other disgusting acts that took place on our campus in the Fall 2017 semester; like, when cowards use anonymous flyers and banners to be divisive, outrage is difficult to direct as there is no clear individual responsible. Simply because people do not outright express anger for such anonymous divisive events, it does not mean that they are complicit. It means we will not take the bait. When someone has the gall to put their name to their racism then outrage has a clear target. For too long has the Star has published yellow journalism with inflammatory opinion titles like “Why People Over the Age of 65 Should not be Allowed to Vote”, “Black People Cannot be Racist and Here is Why” and “The Wealthy Should not be Allowed to Reproduce”.

With all due respect to Student Body President Clegg, I disagree with his call for the Star to be defunded. Are we to become a major Texas University without a student-run newspaper? I’m sure he will work with the administration to find compromise and a true solution to this issue. As for the Pan African Action Committee, it a shame that they do not disavow the very same racism they strive to eradicate. When we say, “protect all bobcats” we mean every student population. My disgust for racism does not discriminate. I hope this organization will also come to the table and help build a better community for all Bobcats. Both their responses to this issue were gung-ho and had little to no scope of ramifications for the community or image of Texas State University. I am excited about the steps the School of Mass Communication and Journalism is taking to improve the University Star and eager to see the results.


A still proud Bobcat,

Albert Aguilera


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