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Letter to the Editor: Response to “Your DNA is an abomination”


Dear Ms. Cervantes,

I read Mr. Martinez’s column and do have a request. Mr. Martinez is making a specific claim: namely that there is evil in white people’s DNA. As this is a university I believe he should put his thesis to an honest test.

I would like to ask that a double-blind test be created to see if this is an accurate assessment or not. He can be shown 20 people’s DNA sequences. Neither he nor the person showing him the sequences will know who they belong to.

From these sequences, he will select the “evil” gene sections of their DNA. He will then write the life story attached to each set of DNA sequences. At the end of these two actions, a third party will reveal the actual life story of each person who contributed a specific DNA sequence. The point will be to see if his written life story matches the actual lifestory. Most importantly he should be able to show the set of DNA which accounts for evil.

This is a university. He has made a claim. Now he can back it up. He should not be afraid to perform this experiment because I am certain he is only seeking truth and justice. He should want to know if his theories are correct. He should want to share his discovery of the “evil” gene sequence should he find it.

Every person that holds prejudice towards another group claims that prejudice is somehow justified by the group’s blood or genes. If this is so, prove it. I would ask this of a Klan member and I will ask it of Mr. Martinez.

I fully support the right of any person to speak. However, it is imperative that rationality be applied to speech. That is the case for any person’s speech. There is a test which could be performed to prove Mr. Martinez correct or incorrect. Will he be honest enough to take that test?


Jill Berkana



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