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Matt Ellis: The person not just the headline

Photo of Matthew Ellis with dog taken from his Instagram
Photo taken from Matthew Ellis' Instagram.

Matt Ellis made national news from The New York Times to the Dallas Morning News following the suspension of all Greek Affairs at Texas State. His friends and loved ones weighed in on who Ellis was. Matthew McKinley Ellis is more than just a headline. Ellis was a dog-loving tennis enthusiast who cherished his friends and family.

Brayley Crowe, student at the University of Houston, met Ellis in seventh grade when Crowe moved to Atascocita.

“Matt’s impact on me, and I can confidently say most other people, is that he was one of those people that was basically always smiling and loved to make people laugh,” Crowe said. “He was definitely one of the funniest people I have met.”

Crowe said he will remember Ellis most for his sense of humor.

“He was one of those people that was always making everyone around him laugh and I almost never saw him without a smile on his face, and he could easily make the people around him smile too,” Crowe said.

Joe Clark, student at South Louisiana Community College, will remember the joy associated with that humor.

“Matt was the happiest dude I know,” Clark said. “I kid you not, I was going through stuff and we sat together at lunch and I would sit there and vent. He would always hear me out. Matt had a great way of lighting up a situation. He was there. Always down to listen to anyone’s problem.”

Friends of Ellis said he was at his happiest when playing tennis. They said Ellis was often in the middle of arguments defending that tennis was the hardest sport, physically.

Georgia Spencer, Texas State student, met Ellis sophomore year at Atascocita High School. Spencer recalls seeing Ellis play tennis at the Walden Country Club with his friends. Spencer said Ellis’ friends were a big part of his life.

“Matt was a very social guy and everyone knew him and he knew everyone and he was always wanting to go out with his friends or just hang out with them, his friends were a huge part of his life and he always had a lot,” Spencer said.

According to Spencer, Ellis had loving parents and a supportive family.

“His brother was also a huge part of his life he is just a couple years older so they were very close and I think he looked up to him a lot and he really loved him,” Spencer said.

From Atastocita to San Marcos, Ellis was known as the goofy guy who could course correct any bad day into a great one.

“He was a great person with a great soul filled with so much joy and happiness and all he wanted from everyone is their friendship,” Spencer said. “He is not just some dumb college kid who did something stupid, he is a wonderful person that deserves everyone’s condolences and respect. As a Bobcat, he should be remembered forever as someone gone way too soon.”

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