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Last Student Government meeting of the semester yields four passed pieces

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Four pieces of legislation passed Monday night, at the last Student Government meeting of the fall semester.

These four pieces were read to the body last week. A fifth piece titled, “No Place for Hate Call-to-Action,” was tabled for the spring legislative session to conduct further research.

The resolution called upon administration to further condemn anti-diversity rhetoric and actions on campus, while supporting the diverse student population. The resolution also calls on administration to create a high-quality cultural and racial sensitivity training program with compulsory attendance for all staff, faculty and students.

Gloria Martinez, professor of sociology, updated Student Government on the Latino Studies Minor which has been approved and will be housed in the college of liberal arts.

Erin Zwiener, author, educator, conservationist and candidate for the Texas House of Representatives in 2018, also addressed the senate chamber Monday night. Zwiener hopes to increase voter involvement and help communities reinvest in public education.

Student representatives from Bobcat Blend also addressed the senate chamber expressing the need for grant money to continue to provide the university with a compost option. Bobcat Blend creates compost from university food waste.

Bobcat Blend was recently denied grant money which would effectively kill the only composting option in the community.

Different university departments and the San Marcos community utilize the compost for various projects. Annually, Bobcat Blend composts approximately 50 tons of university food waste.

The representatives asked for student attendance at the Environmental Services Committee meeting taking place Nov. 30 at 5:15, J.C. Kellam building, 11 floor. The ESC oversees the allocation of the $1 Environmental service fee students pay with their tuition. This fee is currently funding the Bobcat Blend program.


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