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Interfraternity Council issues statement on Greek suspsension

IFC Seal
IFC Seal taken from Texas State Interfraternity Council's website.

Following the suspension of Greek Affairs, the Texas State Interfraternity Council issued the following statement on the death of Matt Ellis and President Trauth’s suspension, Tuesday.

IFC is the governing body for 14 fraternities. The IFC’s principle responsibilities are coordinating the formal recruitment process, organizing Greek community events, promoting a positive Greek image and operating a student-run peer judicial system for its member fraternities.

“We were shocked and saddened to learn of the death of a member of our Bobcat community, Matthew Ellis, and we are thinking of his family in this tragic time. 

The leaders of the Interfraternity Council fraternities met earlier today and voted to suspend chapter activities as we must focus on a substantive change in the culture and goals of our fraternity community. Since this meeting, Texas State President Trauth also placed a suspension on all fraternities and sororities.  

Our university and community demand better from our fraternities. When done right, fraternity is one of the best ways to foster leadership and personal growth. In this time, we must reflect on actions that have drawn us away from fraternal values and come together – with the University Administration and our national organizations – to, in Presidents Trauth’s words, “develop a culture that places the highest priority on the safety of our community.”