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Student Government responds to white nationalist posters and banner

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During Student Government’s Oct. 30 meeting, two resolutions were passed. Students also addressed the chamber during public forum regarding Student Government representative reaction to events like nationalistic propaganda, like the recent white supremacist banner.

Student Government director of programs and marketing, Brooklyn Boreing, announced that Student Government’s next Bobcats United series will center around hate speech on college campuses and will be held Nov. 20. Both Connor Clegg, student body president, and Jackie Merritt, vice president, condemned the nationalistic posts.

“These white nationalists don’t represent us, they’re trying to divide us, to try and pit us against one another and make us engage in this game of identity politics,” Clegg said. “It’s not patriotism, it’s disgusting.”

The first resolution passed by majority vote was the Park Regulation Reaffirmation, which will increase police presence in Sewell Park to enforce park rules and protect rare and endangered species of plants and animals only found in and around the San Marcos River.

The second resolution, also passed by majority vote, was the “Addition of an Immigration/ International Students Resource Page,” which would add a tab to the existing resource page on the Student Government website and be updated by Student Government periodically with new information and resources for International and Undocumented Students.

Two pieces of legislation were proposed. The first, The National Announcement Placement Act, which states that the “Star-Spangled Banner is to be played at the start of section II of the Student Government agenda.”

The second piece proposed, the Studious Student Safety Resolution, calls for students to have a working ID to access the library past nine pm to ensure the safety of all people on campus after hours.

The assistant dean for Student Development and Leadership Programs and former City of San Marcos Mayor, Daniel Guerrero, addressed Student Government about developments within the Leadership Institute, including the 2018 Annual Conference.


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