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Speaker Joe Straus announced he will not seek re-election

Photograph of the Texas Capital
Photo by Shayan Faradineh

Joe Straus has represented Texas House District 121 since February 2005. The district includes the Bexar County communities of Alamo Heights, Olmos Park, Terrell Hills and northeast San Antonio. Strauss announced Oct. 25 that he will not seek reelection. Strauss has served as the Speaker of the Texas House since January 2009.

Strauss announced his future intentions on Facebook, Wednesday morning.

“I believe that in a representative democracy, those who serve in public office should do so for a time, not a lifetime,” Straus stated. “And so I want you to know that my family and I have decided that I will not run for re-election next year. My time as a State Representative and as Speaker will end at the conclusion of my current term.”

Straus held a press conference at the Texas Capitol. There he addressed reporters about his next steps. Straus said he will be fundraising and preparing for March primary elections and serve the remainder of his term, for the next 14 months.

When asked if Straus is seeking election for another office, he said there aren’t current plans but described himself as one not to close doors.

Although Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick had been a critic of Straus during the 85th Legislative Session and Special Session, Patrick offered a statement on Straus’ announcement.

“I would like to thank Joe for his years of service to the State of Texas,” Patrick stated. “Any man who enters the arena deserves respect. The media often tried to portray our differences as personal then they were actually just markedly different approach to governance and political ideology. I wish Julie and him well as they begin a new chapter of their life.”

Gov. Greg Abbott offered a statement on Straus’ resignation as well.

“Joe Straus has served with distinction for both the people in his district and for Texas House Representatives,” Abbot said. “I thank Speaker Straus for his service and for his commitment to the state of Texas. Cecilia and I wish Joe and Julie all the best.”


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