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Men’s basketball hopeful for rebound season

Nijal Pearson making a shot during Basketball game
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Although the season doesn’t begin until Nov. 12, the preparation for the men’s basketball team is a year-round process.

After going 22-14 last season, the Bobcats have added Alex Peacock, junior forward to the roster.

Nijal Pearson, sophomore guard, said it’s refreshing to add another shooter and wing style player to the team.

“We don’t just have athletes, but we have a bunch of new players who bring additions,” Pearson said. “(It’s) not just skill wise and athleticism wise, we can shoot the ball really well this year.”

This summer, the team stayed in San Marcos to work together and practice. What could’ve been a boring summer may have actually helped build an even stronger relationship for this upcoming season.

“I worked on my game a lot,” Pearson said. “You’ll want to see what I worked on, you’re going to have to come to Strahan Coliseum or tune into ESPN 3 Nov. 12.”

Besides practicing this summer, the team has other hobbies, including watching movies and playing video games.

“For fun, I just chill with my teammates,” Pearson said. “If they’re playing a game, I’m around the game. I laugh with them. I don’t really do much outside of basketball. I chill, relax and I like to laugh. I like to have funny people around me.”

The team also saw a few movies together over the summer, with the blockbuster hit “War for the Planet of the Apes” being a team favorite.

“We wanted to see ‘IT’, but the last movie we saw together was ‘Plant of the Apes,'” Peacock said.

Both players also talked about what the Texas State athletic family is like, they spoke about their relationship with other Bobcat players and coaches.

“We hang out with football players, girls basketball, volleyball, I know a few baseball guys and a few track guys and girls,” Pearson said. “We don’t have a ton of time, and when we do I know I want to be with my teammates. I’m sure they want to be with their teammates, but it’s a family thing.”

Pearson said even though they hang out with other athletes, they’re all in this together.

“I was talking to a few football guys telling them ‘we’re all in this together,'” Pearson said. “We all know what each other is going through because we’re all going through the same thing. We all have days where we’re mad at our coaches, mad at our teammates, but it’s a family. It’s family everywhere.”

After last season, Pearson wowed many around the conference and the state by leading the Bobcats to their first postseason bid since 1997. Peacock and the rest of the Bobcats look to do it again.

“Some people are expecting a lot out of us, and some people think last year was a fluke,” Pearson said. “Last year it took us a little while to get going because we had eight new guys. I just think if we buy in early then we can have a better record than we did last year.”

Pearson also looks for this season to be his best one since joining the team last season.

“I miss playing,” Pearson said. “I walked into Strahan Coliseum and got chills. I miss the games, practices, traveling and everything that comes with it. Whenever it comes, I’m going to cherish it.”


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