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Faculty Senate discuss IRB, faculty development leave and sick leave revisions

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Faculty Senate discussed general faculty concerns, the October Bulletin, and numerous policy revisions during its Oct. 11 meeting.

The senate noted growing concerns with the institutional review board. This process has become increasingly difficult and time-consuming over the years and can now take up to six weeks or longer for the IRB to complete a final review. Members noted that the issue is how long it takes each document to be processed, not how long it takes the board to actually review.

“This is a manpower issue,” said Natalie Ceballos, psychology professor.

Senators suggested that they invite Sean Ruvino, IRB supervisor, to meet with the senate to discuss how to revise this issue of time management.

The Senate also reviewed the faculty development leave calendar. All of the colleges are ready for review except Fine Arts. To keep reviews even, the senate will review by groups. After scoring their representative groups, each senator will submit their final scores. The average score will then compute the final rankings that will be forwarded to the provost’s office. The dean’s review for the colleges is already on Tracs. Faculty Senate suggested that the due date be Nov. 29, however, this date is open to change.

Continuation of revision to the sick leave policy was discussed between faculty senators. Debbie Thorne, associate provost, recommended that the senate submit suggestions for changes to the leave policy. As of now, it has been proposed that sick leave be considered an 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. workday. As some professors teach classes outside of that range, they wouldn’t have to formally file a sick leave form. Faculty Senate is going to formulate a small committee to discuss and revise, in-depth, the faculty section of the sick leave policy.

The call for a Senate Fellow was approved by the faculty senate. The call is set to be sent out in January, while proposals are due the week after spring break. The senate fellow’s term will last from September 2018 to August 2019 with a report due by the end of this term. Their term will be related to the senate’s goal this year of strength in community.

Another faculty concern is long-term disability. It was noted that in order to apply for long-term disability insurance, a medical test is required. Since this is a group policy, senate members believe that no test should be required. The senate chair’s recommendation is to forward to the Retirement and Benefit Programs Committee.

Stephen Herrera, parking coordinator, will be coming to the meeting on Nov. 1. Faculty Senate sees this as an opportunity to discuss improving some parking areas on campus.

Members approved the October bulletin with minor revision to wording and titles. A final copy of the bulletin will be sent out at the end of the week or early next week.


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