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Annual Student Government roundtable discusses issues of campus

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Student Government representatives, students and Texas State administration met Oct. 9 at Student Government’s annual roundtable event and asked questions ranging from adding an immigration attorney as an on-campus resource to adding more parking.

Student Body President Connor Clegg said the roundtable is an annual way for the representatives to hear and know what students on campus are going through, and what changes Student Government can make.

“The goal going into roundtable is the same as it is every year. It’s so that we can speak directly to students and allow them to speak to university officials such as President Trauth,” Clegg said.

The roundtable event featured four 15-minute rounds of question and answer sessions with administration and support staff of various colleges and university departments to discuss student issues.

“Events like roundtable help to put everything into context… because you are able to go from table to table and understand every level of student representation at our University,” Clegg said.

Senator Adrian Cooper said that the roundtable event helped generate ideas for potential pieces of legislation.

The main issue or talking point of the event was why Texas State could not or did not have an immigration attorney as an on-campus resource.

President Denise Trauth and Provost Gene Bourgeois, explained during the first session that the hiring of an attorney, immigration or otherwise, would have to happen at the system level, not the university.

As the event continued, however, the issue surfaced again and again.

“No one voted against the principle of the piece,” said Vice President Jacqueline Merritt.

However, students in favor of the piece stated that they were frustrated with the process and wanted results, not reasons why it didn’t happen.

“At the end of the day, I have a responsibility to serve and represent all the students and I cannot do that unless I am informed, and as much as I read or as much as I research you can never replace the information you get – that you get from students,” Clegg said.

The next roundtable event is scheduled for March 26 at 5 p.m. in the LBJSC Ballroom.