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Trauth speaks at first Student Government meeting of the year

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Student Government held its first meeting of the third session Sept. 11 in the LBJ teaching theatre. President Denise Trauth made an appearance and reminded the legislative body of its role and commitment to students and discussed campus projects.

Representatives were appointed to various positions and legislation was both passed and proposed.

Trauth gave thanks and congratulations to Student Government for its service.

“We have had a very proud tradition of Student Government on our campus,” Trauth said.

While addressing Student Government, Trauth asked the student body to commit to core values and stand together as the campus reinforces those values.

“Texas State is a place where we stand together, and we don’t let forces outside of this university dictate who we are as a university community,” Trauth said.

The rest of Trauth’s speech consisted of project briefs.

Trauth addressed that while construction can be annoying and acknowledge that construction and street closures change from one day to the next.

The university is updating buildings and road access to those buildings, including the $64 million going in to the renovation of Strahan Coliseum and $120 million into Ingram engineering hall.

The university would also begin transforming Alkek into a high-tech learning space.

The transformation would involve moving archival books and materials to a climate controlled facility at STAR park. This will open space for new materials and collections. In addition, new technologies will be added to the library.

Trauth said Alkek is transforming to be the library that students want and will support their educational growth while at Texas State.

Trauth’s speech concluded with a brief on Step up for State, which raised over $200,000 last year and contributed to student projects. This year, the university has 24 projects that consist of scholarships and hands on learning. All funds directly benefit students.

The student emergency fund for students affected by Hurricane Harvey has also raised nearly $21 thousand and about 40 percent of the donation was contributed by faculty and staff, Trauth said.

Student Government appointed Skyler Loosmore, management senior, as senate pro-tempore. Confirmed the president’s nominees to the supreme court and approved the Budget Authorization Act, which authorized Student Government’s budget funds throughout the year.


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